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Once you get past their disclaimer, making sure you are old enough to see the hot action, you re taken to their homepage, which features the latest updates. It is a whole wall of milfs performing every kind of act you want to see the woman next door perform. Naughty America is truly amazing; they have won AVN awards for the last three years and there is no doubt that they will pull a couple more in next year.

Let’s just look at the sheer numbers for a second: almost six thousand videos on this site alone, all performed by the two thousand hot milf starlets that they keep on staff. Moreover, this site is linked with thirty seven other sites to fill in the gaps left by this niche. One of the best features of this site is the fact that it is updated daily, with more than ten new videos surfacing every night- that’s almost a hundred new videos each week! So if you have a bit of a cougar fetish, this is the place for you.

Joining Naughty America is very easy. They have a members login page that tells you all of the benefits. So this is where you will see that all of their shots are now in high definition and that you will have access to unlimited downloads. The prices are extremely fair and often beat the industry standard prices. A three day trial will only cost you $1.95 and a month long subscription will cost $17.76. If you decide to go for the entire year, and believe me you will, then you will receive the discounted price of $7.95 a month.

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