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Do you love watching porn, but can’t decide for a site? Thinking between, say, Digital Playground and Reality Kings? Check this review then. Digital Playground is a place where adults can come and play with themselves as much as they want to (of course while watching other adults doing pretty much the same). It is a large, and yet still growing porn movie website owned by the DP production. Naturally, I think everybody knows about these guys as they are some of the biggest players in the porn industry today.


With more than 2,500 movies, and clips, Digital Playground has something for everyone. The only problem is that you can’t save the videos and have to watch them right on the website, but I guess that’s okay, especially since most of the offered videos come in high definition and there is a new one every week or even earlier. The site features movies from almost 500 porn movies, including “Cumaholics, “My Boss’s Daughter”, “Cougar Street” and many more, so don’t expect to get off the hook that easily once you start watching.

There are several ways to navigate around the site. My personal favorite is the “girls” section. This way, you can browse different porn starts from Jana Cova, Kayden Kross, to Tera Patric and find one of their works with ease. There is also the option of saving your favorite video, which makes things a bit easier, especially since DP didn’t bother to put an advanced search, just the most basic one. As such, you can find videos in one of the following ways: most viewed., highest rated, or by specific date. Still, for most visitors, these search options are more than enough, so maybe I am just trying to find a flaw where there really isn’t one.

Another nice option is that almost every movie or clip has a “pictures” option, links to watch a movie by scene, trailers for most videos and some even have a behind-the-scenes footage (something that is rarely seen on these sites). The only problem here is that, although most scenes has a gallery, they can’t be downloaded.