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The updates at Dare Dorm are not that good as they put out a video once in every two weeks. It probably has something to do with the prize they give to the college kids who submits the best homemade porn. It used to be $10,000 but now it became just $1000. It came all the way down as the website just has 102 videos to show.


The good news is the girls on Dare Dorm are hot and they do look amateur and young. They whip up some nice sexual positions for the whole world to see. Some people would really wonder whether or not the videos here are staged or not. Some dudes are actually familiar but what’s important is everyone has a good time.

The videos can only be streamed which means you can’t download them to your computer. That won’t a big of a problem as long as you have a fast Internet connection or the place you currently at has a fast WiFi connection. If that is not the case then you will be annoyed when you stream the videos because they will always buffer.

You won’t be able to save favorites with Dare Dorm but that is alright since there are not a lot of videos around anyway. The content here is exclusive so you won’t see the videos here at any website around. When you get a load of the videos here, you are certainly going to miss college like never before. If you are old then you will wish you can enroll in college again but that is not possible unless you use your trust fund to do it. It is not really advisable to do it because you are already at the stage of working which means you must find working girls instead of college girls.

The amateur camera work can be noticed in Dare Dorm but that is all part of the fun. The college girls who participate in the videos are really good looking so you would wonder whether or not they would become future porn stars since they just agreed to go naked in front of the camera in exchange for cash.